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Katy Music Teachers Association

Inspiring Musical Excellence

World Of Music Test

  • Saturday, January 27, 2024
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch


  • Subtract 1 from the total number of students you wish to enroll and enter this in the box labeled Guests.


Please note: When entering students in any event, it is the professional responsibility of every member to assist with that event.

Deadlines: Email Carmen Yip an accurate head count for each grade by November 15. Registration and payment are due by the December meeting.  Teachers must communicate student names and grade levels directly with Carmen Yip; the website form is only for payment of fees.  

The purpose of the World of Music is to introduce students to music history through the study of composer’s music, their life, and composition styles. To participate in this activity, World of Music books are available to purchase for levels 1-12.  The books and testing information have been created so that students may enter at any time in their current grade level. Registered students are tested in the spring semester over the information in their World of Music and those who receive a 90% or higher will receive a gold medal. KMTA administers the tests in a professional atmosphere similar to a school testing environment.

Teachers, for more information on this event, please see the KMTA Handbook, which can be found in the Documents tab on the KMTA website. Please log in to access this tab and/or register. 

For more information regarding the test and test contents, see the TMTA SA Handbook.

Most event registrations on this website must be completed by a current KMTA teacher.  If you receive an error message while registering, please verify that you have entered the correct email address.  It must be an exact match with the one we have on file.

For more information about joining KMTA, please click here.

Katy Music Teachers Association

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